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Injectable Tissue Regeneration

Naturally reframing facial structure

As we age we lose a little facial bone mass, some of our deeper collagen reserves, and our elastin fibres lose their tension. The result of these combined factors is a loss of the facial frame work or (the scaffolding) along with the loss of volume and the sagging of the skin. Although the Saphira Injectable tissue regeneration treatment is injected into the deep levels of the facial tissue that is where the similarity to other dermal fillers and cosmetic injections ends.

The Saphira Injectable Tissue Regeneration procedure uses a sterile suspension of Poly-L-Lactic acid, from the fruit acid family, is biocompatible to human skin tissue and is easily and safely broken down or metabolised by the body. The product has been used since 1999 in more than 150,000 patients, in more than 30 countries, primarily for cosmetic use.  In Australia it is TGA approved for aesthetic medicine and other clinical medical applications of facial reconstruction and volumisation.

When the product is injected into the deep layers of the skin, it stimulates the body to gradually rebuild firmer and more resilient collagen around the placed product, creating a unique framing effect. The facial frame becomes thicker, more elastic and tighter.

The advantage being that instead of a sudden change in your appearance you will realise a gradual but significant volumisation of the face as the body builds its new and improved deep dermal structure. Some cosmetic medical professionals have called this product a ‘facelift in a bottle’ or ‘liquid facelift’, due to its ability to gradually pick up the sagging face in the main structural areas of volume depletion.  It is particularly good for the cheeks, jawline and temples.

Injectable Tissue Regeneration represents a more natural and sustained outcome with results lasting anywhere from 2 years or more. Injectable Tissue Regeneration can be administered to all areas of the face resulting in restoration of the whole face. 

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