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Saphira Skin Care Systems

Skin Care That Delivers

As we age, the skin becomes disorganized, collagen is depleted and the barrier function of the skin diminishes. Changes on the surface layers create skin that appears dry and lusterless. These adverse alterations to the collagen levels and elastin layers of the dermis translate into visible wrinkles and sagging skin. While there is no magic bullet to erase a lifetime of skin damage, well established, scientific ingredients in the appropriate, cosmeceutical concentrations, in Saphira Skin Care Systems will help nourish, repair and reorganise skin cells.

Getting the right balance and concentration of ingredients

Saphira scientific skin systems treat the layers of the skin with a carefully selected balance of ingredients. Each problem is addressed with tailored solutions. Molecules such as hyaluronic acid filling spheres, deliver moisture deep into the dermis. The increased hydration helps to plump up and volumise the skin, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Skin care with measurable results

Crucial enzyme reactors release and reveal healthy living skin cells, botanical extracts interrupt melanin production reducing discolouration and brightening the skin. Retinal helps to stimulate collagen production, while strengthening and organising elastic fibres in the dermal layers. Saphira exfoliators use fine micro crystals of volcanic ash designed to polish the outer layers. The result is skin that looks brighter and more refined.

Predictability and proven results

We guarantee Saphira Skin Systems Results! Start a Saphira Skin Care System on Monday and see a change in your skin by Friday....if not, we’ll give you your money back...It’s that good!

Skin System Solutions

Anti-Ageing Fortifying System: For mature and sundamaged skin

Acne Prone Support System: For teenage or adult acne prone skin

Oily Prone Management System: For excessively oily and breakout skin 

Sensitive Support System: For sensitive and irritated or rosacea skin

Youth Preservation System: For preservation and care of young skin

Antioxidant Repair System: For protection and preseveration of all skins at any age

Saphira private membership and youth membership programs include a customised skin care support system.  The daily application of active ingredients included in Saphira cosmeceutical skincare, creates a more intense result and increases the longevity of your anti-ageing treatments.  All Saphira members and guests participate in a complimentry computerised skin analysis in order to identify the most appropriate skin care ingredients for the repair and correction of skin problems and for the preservation of healthy skin.

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Bonus Buys

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Wrinkle Injections - 1 x Area $249   2 x Areas $349  3 x Areas $499

Treatment Areas -  Frown lines - Forehead lines - Crows Feet lines

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Ph: 0448 290 519
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