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Saphira Private Membership

A new way to manage youth longevity

Each Saphira Private Membership program is individually designed to help client’s meet their skin regeneration goals and balance professional, social and financial considerations. Memberships can last anywhere from 6 months to 5 years with the option of flexible monthly repayments, finance or pay as you go.

Saphira computerised skin analysis evaluation, customised program development, personal program review and ongoing scientific updates are all part of our commitment to your skin health and youth longevity.

Age management made easy

Saphira customised membership programs offer our clients access to a selection of world’s best non-surgical cosmetic treatments:

At Saphira, our focus is on creating your unique program of tissue stimulators and support treatments that ensure you look better in years to come than you do today. Members enjoy a fresher and more youthful look, with sustainable results, with little to no interruption to social and professional commitments, in a financially manageable plan.

Memberships are not just for locals

A Saphira membership plan can be tailored to meet the needs of an infrequent visitor. International, Interstate and Country members enjoy Saphira Memberships with customised plans that incorporate online analysis reviews, specific homecare treatments and products, and special extended appointments.

Everybody needs a customised age management plan

I developed the Saphira private membership program in response to client confusion about how cosmetic treatment choices made today had a significant effect on how they would age in the following 5 years. Clients choosing a "quick fix" treatment modality, like the use of wrinkle injections or temporary dermal fillers, to treat their lines and wrinkles were surprised to learn that these treatments were NOT anti-ageing.

As you are having these treatments, you continued to age and lose more collagen. You will require more and more of the dermal filler product and need a very skilled practitioner in order to uniformly recreate the volume loss in your facial features. As Dermal Fillers are very temporary, they can be a very expensive facial enhancement management program. The loss of facial volume is the result of several factors, filling isolated specific lines and folds can sometimes look artificial or lead to facial features looking distorted.

Everybody wants a natural looking result

After many years of consultations, I came to the realisation that the most important factors for my clients seeking an age management solution are:

    • They DO NOT want to look over processed and weird
    • They DO NOT want to have major surgery
    • They DO NOT want to attribute annual leave to procedure recovery

What they DO want is a long term, financially sustainable age management plan and to access treatments that offer significant, natural looking skin regeneration. Saphira private memberships are our specialty in not only offering a life program for youth longevity, but to share our ongoing knowledge and help you make educated and informed choices about your skin health needs.

Our selection of non-surgical tissue stimulators get your body doing the work for you. These treatments are responsible for the laying down and continued stimulation of new and ongoing, more resilient collagen. The advantages of a program of tissue stimulators over surgery, and the over use of temporary dermal fillers, is that you will never look artificial or overdone. Saphira tissue stimulators offer the privacy of subtle, progressive results. You can expect to look fresher, more energised and a more youthful version of you.

With Saphira treatments, in most cases, there is no interruption to your social or professional routine. The results are not artificial looking, rather a significantly more youthful version of you! At Saphira Clinic we welcome guests wishing to trial our unique treatment philosophy along with members who have entrusted us to guide them through a personalised, long term, non-surgical skin health journey.

Christiana O'Regan


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Thermage CPT - Buy 2 Thermage Areas and Save $800 
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Treatment Areas -  Frown lines - Forehead lines - Crows Feet lines

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