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May this year be filled with some joy or at least contentment!

The “What's happening with us” news

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Christiana in Melbourne has finished her nursing!

- Those of you who have born witness to this pilgrimage will breathe a sigh of relief that the nightmare of study is over. Good news is that it will allow Christiana to perform some additional treatments for which medication endorsement was required and open up more appointment time slots for Melbourne Clinic.
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Vanessa in Brisbane finally has the last bubba off to school!

This means more appointment times available in Brisbane. Also have a read of Vanessa’s amazing article picked up and published by renowned Beauty Blogger Ponikuta: “Do’s and don’ts for 20s – early 30s skincare”

The “let’s get back to YOU” news!

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Thermage Competition Winner

Thank you all those who had their Thermage procedures in December and January and who automatically went into the drawer to win their Thermage for FREE. With his permission, I can name our winner as Matt from Saphira QLD. The treatment was performed by Vanessa and Matt has kindly agreed to give all of us a sneak preview of his early results. Vanessa from the Saphira Queensland performed Matt's treatment using the 1200 'total tip" We are looking forward seeing Matt's final result at his 6 month reveiw.

Winning your Next Thermage Treatment

Back by popualr demand and so everyone gets the chance to WIN their next Thermage for FREE, we are running the new comp from 1st Feb - 30th April. This time there is some skill involved and we will be choosing one entry each from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane/Byron Bay and Adelaide.

How it works?

When you buy your Thermage Treatment within the competition dates, fill out the entry form telling us in 25 words or less why you chose Saphira Thermage and you could win your next Thermage area for FREE!*. You can use your prize for another area, save it for your next Thermage session or give it to a Thermage needy loved one. When you book your appointment your practitioner will email you an entry form. *conditions apply. Full terms and conditions available on application.

Saphira Thermage results

Still the best non surgical face lifting and tightening treatment. All of our practitioners get excited about their own client Thermage results. For some reason we are still amazed at the lovely results that we get using this device. We now perform more Thermage procedures in Australia than any other clinic. We have developed our own protocols which we believe is behind our success and therefore our passion for performing this procedure. It is reliable and predictable and we just LOVE IT for ourselves and for our clients.

Saphira trialling other skin tightening devices

We have undertaken our own clinical comparison of other well known tightening devices like Ultherapy and Ultraforma. The trial involves using the devices on group of clients and comparing the results of Thermage against these other devices. We will reveal the results as soon as the trial is complete, but early indications are that Thermage CPT outperforms all other devices with more significant and more uniform lifting and tightening.

Fake Thermage, fake tips, split tip results

Fake Thermage Devices and fake consumable handpiece tips, made in Korea and China are continually offered at a reduced price to owners of Genuine Thermage CPT devices. These 'fake' devices and tips resemble the FDA and TGA approved genuine Thermage CPT device and tips in appearance but that is where it all ends. Testing of the tips by cosmetic technology engineers indicates that they are missing vital components like internal heat shield membranes, temperature regulation sensors and energy delivery monitors. So clients having treatments using these ‘fake’ devices and tips run the risk of burns and or not enough energy to achieve a result.

Other dodgy Thermage practises include splitting one 1200 shot consumable tip between several patients, scheduled one after the other, with each getting a fraction of the energy required to achieve results. Patients who have been offered this alternative complain that they saw absolutely no result. This is not surprising given that Thermage CPT is designed for delivery of a high intensity level of energy in a specifiy sized area to uniformly lift and tighten the skin.

How can you tell if you are being offered a fake or you are not getting a full tip?

Cost - If you have been offered a Thermage CPT procedure for $2000 or less....It’s probably not genuine...Why? The Global supplier of genuine Thermage CPT devices and tips NEVER discount the price of devices or consumer tips so anyone discounting is doing the treatment as a public serive or they have accessed non genuine heavily discounted supplies. Time – If your treatment session time is less than 2 ½ hours? Then you are tip sharing....It is physically impossible to deliver 900 - 1200 shots in less than 2 hours.

Thermage Rewards

Saphira Clients' having their second Thermage within 14 months of a previous Thermage get $240 Off. Refer a friend and get $240 credit Voucher to spend on any Saphira Treatment or skincare range.

Skin clearing after summer

Skin gets ravaged and becomes pigmented no matter how much we try to avoid sun exposure. These post summer months are the time to begin your skin tune up. Most effective way to do this is with good quality medical skin care daily and weekly treatments at home.

Obagi is the world’s only medical skin care. The outstanding results are supported by dermatological published white papers. No mucking around for us, there has to be a solid science behind the hype. This stuff is so good that you start using Monday …you see changes by Friday. Each Skin Care Program kit is priced at $199.95
Choose from:
Dry system NuDerm System (Normal/Dry & Normal/Oily)

Essential weekly home treatment

The Visible Changes Micro Derma treatment is your skin polishing hero! Applying to dry skin, dampen fingertips and massage off the dead skin cells.  After these outer thickened layers are gently rolled off skin using a blend of high density organic pumice and a unique blend of enzymes skin is immediately finer, smoother, and more refined.  The end goal is to reduce breakout and enlarged pore size.  Everyone who uses this treatment LOVES it and there is no other exfoliant that comes close to this formula.  We think it is the skin care find of the decade and you will too.  Priced at $74

Micro Derma Cream
- We send freight FREE! Just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0448290519 to order 

New Exciting Treatments Coming to Saphira

Stay tuned for some fabulous new treatments that are headed your way at Saphira Clinics. We are looking forward to introducing you some of these carefully selected, no nonsense, result focussed treatments. A big thank you to our extraordinary clients' who trust in us to provide safe and effective treatments, but also help to make our working environment a happy and enjoyable place to earn a living.
Team Saphira 

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