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Our Thermage CPT practitioner team have performed more Thermage CPT procedures than any other clinic in Australia and are considered by clients and peers to be the experts in Thermage procedures. We are renowned for our exceptional results using the ‘Total Tip’ and proprietary techniques in Thermage CPT procedures. Our results are reliable, predictable and we just LOVE IT for ourselves and for our clients. According to the International Thermage Training Centre in the USA, Saphira Thermage clinical results are some of the best in the world.

Here is what Beauty Editors say about Saphira Clinic Treatments:

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“Why I choose Thermage”? Why Ponikuta chooses Saphira ThermageU
“My Beauty Army” pick of the best anti-aging treatments
“Natural facelift with Thermage CPT ‘total tip’ 3.0” treatment done by Saphira Thermage

Primed Beauty Directory
“who to see” names Saphira Clinic – Australia’s Best Skin Clinic
Body and Soul
“Little black book of cosmetic surgery: where to go, who to see” names Saphira Clinic Australia’s Thermage Specialists
“Directory of who’s who in cosmetic enhancement and anti-ageing” names Saphira Clinics as best Thermage and skin clinic
Vogue Australia
“if you don’t book appointments like this you should” about Saphira Clinic Melbourne

Here is what clients say about Saphira Thermage treatments:

Christiana, my face feels like its glowing. I really love the Thermage results. I’m glad I shopped around to find you and the Thermage treatment.  This is the first time in a long time that I actually feel like I’m getting my money’s worth from a treatment. There are far too many clinics out there that sell treatments with no results.  I know because I have experienced this. The Thermage in one treatment feels like it’s done better than the 100's of other treatments I’ve had done several times, that says something in itself.

Ringwood Melbourne

Hey Christiana, Out of all the many, many treatments I have had, I haven't seen anything give me the improvement that the Thermage has, especially around the eye area. It looks great! I am very excited about my results.

Blackburn VIC

Hi Christiana...My Thermage....I love it!...Love it!.....Love it!

Malvern, VIC

Hi Christiana, I just wanted to let you know that my Thermage results are everything that you said they would be and are as good as the results that you showed me?  Thank you for your honesty about the possibilities for Thermage for me and skill in which you executed the treatment.   I believe that my results are the result of your level of personal expertise.  I am so glad that I chose you to do this procedure.

Marrickville NSW

Absolutely fabulous, treated like royalty, professional and friendly service catered to your individual requirements


Portland VIC

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Saphira Clinic
23a Beatty Ave
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Ph: 0448 290 519
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