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Saphira Clinic
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Results just got even better!

Saphira is the first clinic in Australia to offer the NEW CPT Thermage
‘Total Tip' for face, neck, hands and body. With CPT Thermage 'Total Tip'
you may see immediate results after treatment and a more dramatic
final result in the following months after treatment.

Harnessing the CPT Thermage system’s superior volumetric heating,
CPT Thermage ‘Total Tip’ delivers twice the bulk heating volume to the
treatment area.

Christiana’s Vision
Forever 40

In the 20 years that I have been involved in the Cosmetic Industry, there
has been a shift in not only the reasons that women, in particular, seek an
age management solution, but in the list of requirements they have in
choosing a modality.

Today’s middle aged woman does not choose a cosmetic procedure in order
to look young enough to ‘hold onto a man’. My clients want to look fresher
and more energised in order to ‘hold onto a corporate career’, or to look as
capable as they feel in an increasingly age sensitive employment market.

The Saphira Philosophy
Your body working for you

The Saphira philosophy is all about getting your body to do the work for
you. We offer a selection of multi-platform tissue stimulating treatments
that gradually rebuild more resilient and longer lasting collagen reserves.

A carefully selected combination of these treatments helps to create a
new inner facial architecture (or as we call it, the facial scaffolding)
restoring volume while smoothing lines and wrinkles, tightening the
skin's elastin fibres to lift and tighten the skin.

CPT Thermage Results

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Call 0448 290 529 or email your enquiry to view Saphira Thermage Results. * Take advantage of "HAVE IT NOW AND PAY LATER" flexible Payment Plans  Have your Thermage with an Expert! Our Thermage CPT


Tissue Stimulators

Your body working for you!

The advantages of a program of tissue stimulators over surgery and the over use of temporary dermal fillers is that you will never look artificial or overdone. Saphira tissue stimulators offer the privacy of subtle, progressive results. You can expect to look fresher, more energised and l


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Bonus - Buy 2 Thermage Areas and Save $800  Call 0448 290 529 or email your enquiry to view Saphira Thermage Resul

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Bonus - Buy 2 Thermage Areas and Save $800  Call 0448 290 519 or email your enquiry to view Saphira Thermage Results. * Take advantage of &nbs


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